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Our core mandate is to ensure that individuals can project their views persuasively and command respect from a cross-section of audiences, and in the process, improve communities through their incisive presentations.

The Talent Coaching Academy accommodates 30 handpicked students at a time. Nonhle engages in one-on-one sessions with each enrolled individual and teaches, grooms, and helps them refine their crafts along with her team of experts - ranging from celebrities to successful business and corporate figures. The academy also has a linked agency that will assist these students with securing auditions and serve as a stepping stone to enter into workplaces more suitable for them.

Our Vision

To help others be the best version of themselves by equipping them with tools to be a step ahead in their respective careers

Our Mission

To change the world one student at a time from 5 years and above

TV Presenting Coaching

Presenting involves more than just talking in front of the camera and microphone.

There’s a lot more to it, including voice projection and training, confidence, script writing and reading, etc. We will make sure that individuals leave better equipped than they went in. The Academy does not just strive to create “pleasant” presenters liked by those watching or listening to them, it aims to groom presenters with depth, authenticity and substance.

Acting Coaching

The South African acting playing fields have been skewed to only a select few.

Time and time again we see the same faces playing leading and supporting roles, but the Talent Coaching Academy aims to change this. Many people aspire to penetrate acting spaces, however, they are not equipped with the skills or the knowledge - knowledge of where to go and how to get there. The academy is aware that South Africans - particularly the youth - will have a louder voice if they have the means to channel their views to the world. Today’s world demands actors that are well rounded with a fair understanding of what’s happening in the world around them. With this in mind, we aim to teach young people to be eloquent and capable of telling the stories of South Africa to the world.

Life Coaching

Nonhle Thema has been in the entertainment field for more than a decade and has acquired a wealth of experience in the industry.

She is a life coach armed with the word of God and knowledge of how to build one to be the best version of themselves. She has been through all the hardships in life, but what is most important is that she emerged on the other side a conquerer. Having her as a life coach will not only help build the students, but enrich them with the encouragement to be better.

Makeup classes

We now provide a quick and easy make up course

teaching you how to apply make up for that important, interview, audition or presentation at the office or for just every day wear. We at Talent Coaching Academy believe you need to look after yourself from the inside out. Make up just enhances already what you have and can put a spring on your confidence.💄💋

Personal branding

Whether you’re in the public eye or behind a desk, you need to develop your mark as a brand.

Recognising yourself as a brand allows you to present yourself as a unique and whole package, making you more marketable in your respective field. The Talent Coaching Academy wants to help you consciously cultivate your personal brand and steer you in a direction that will make you more noticeable.

Public Speaking and Corporate Skills

Nothing commands attention more than a confident, eloquent and organised speaker.

Add a little personality and witness the magic happen. Our public speaking classes not only lay the foundation for a good speaker, but also equip individuals with skills to last them their entire career. These include voice projection, breathing techniques, corporate presentation and speech writing - among others.

About us

We are Africa's Talent Coaching Academy (TCA) - thriving to groom, coach and equip individuals to become better versions of themselves.

Founded and led by Nonhle Thema, the academy is a place of stimulation for young, talented individuals who want to make a difference in their own lives through certain fields in the media, entertainment and business industries. We guide South Africans to become leaders in their respective fields, to manifest positive social change and to be part of the emerging culture in the country. South Africa has a rich cultural diversity ready to be shared with the rest of the world, but for that to be possible, there is a need for eloquent young people to tell the story of South Africa to the world.


What we have in store for our prospect students and what we will be providing


There are millions of people across the country clamouring for knowledge because they believe they can make meaningful contributions to society if equipped with the right skills. This is where we come in.

Jeanette Chabalala

Personal Branding Coach

Nonhle Thema

Founder/Presenting Mentor

Moliehi Makobane,

Acting Coach

Babalwa Manyi,

Acting Coach

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